• Race Weekend Arrive & Drive

    Get the full experience in the best environment possible. We provide every part of equipment, simply turn up with your race entry and racewear and experience Swiss Hutless karts with Eurokart Racing.

    $1500 USD

  • Test Drive

    The fastest way to go karting - practice with us for a full day at the circuit. (Note extra travel/accommodation expenses are not included in price)

    $500 USD

  • Dedicated Mechanic

    Need a helping hand? We can provide one of our best mechanics to work solely with you for the day or race weekend. (Note expenses are not included in price)

    $250 USD/day

  • Team Tent Service

    If you're looking for a friendly environment in which to go racing with your equipment then look no further. We provide the essentials in an affordable manner, ensuring you get the most out of your time at the track.


  • Race Transport

    Need to be transported with your equipment from race to race? We can provide the service for just $250 plus shared travel / accommodation expenses.


  • Engine Tuning

    The professionals at P1 Race Tuning and Blanken Tuning know how to get the most out of an engine. If you're looking for that extra refinement then just get in touch and let us do the rest.